“Wishing Upon a Shining Star” by Bao Han (Vietnam/Austria)

“I performed and traveled on many tours, and sang in front of thousands of people, even tens of thousands of people, so it felt like a dream that would never end. A lot of artists believe that they can follow this path their entire lives because it’s not just work or just a hobby but rather a true life passion. Exactly after 18 years, I noticed that I was getting really tired because my genre of music typically required a lot of dancing and movement. I couldn’t stand still when I performed on stage, I would dance very hard and quite frequently interact with the audience. I left everything out there on the stage to get the audience excited. On the day I finally got the results, the doctor said: “According to the test results, your suspicions of Parkinson’s disease are correct.” I just kept asking myself: “Why me? I’m still so young, so why me?” Because I still had so much I wanted to do in life. As a performer, I had to start considering there would soon become a day when I wouldn’t be able to sing or dance anymore.” — Bao Han


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