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“The bedrock of friendship and community is vulnerability. Inside you will find profound heartfelt stories which provide us with both connection and consolation.” ⁠— Shannon Hogan-Cohen, Author of “S.H.E. Share Heal Empower” (USA)

“It’s not all in your head. When you are feeling something is not right and can’t put a finger on it because you are lonely, mad, underpaid, in a bad relationship, in a hostile city, sad, broken, or looking to change something… You are right to go by your guts and not let anyone convince you that you should do otherwise. That it is all in your head. These women have all been to those places and decided it is worth to move the worlds to find their own. Because this is how you win. Their stories are moving, sometimes funny and often sad, but always warm and with a strong message: You win by listening to that head of yours. And it is worth it! Must read for all of (us) dreamers who are still afraid to take a leap into a dream life.” ⁠— Nadja Irena Fisic, Travel and Lifestyle Journalist (Croatia)

“Here are nine heart-wrenching, soul-searching, triumphant stories of total strangers that enrich your life so much they become part of your new identity when you reach the last page.” — Dr. Phuong Mai Nguyen, Associate Professor, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Vietnam)

“A must read. Courageous personal journeys of guts and determination which challenge all of our self-imposed limitations. Congratulations to all contributors for empowering our current and future generations of leaders.” — Dr. Margaret Crowley, Executive Coach and Deputy Chair, Lions Eye Institute (Australia)

“The book is so touching and relatable and digs down deep to the souls of the women telling us their stories. Each of the authors has grown very much from the hard times that they went through on a personal level. I recommend this book to both women and men from the age of 15+.” — Lisa Remnelid, CEO, Remnelid Commercial Consulting (Sweden)

“I have always been curious about people’s lives. How did they grow up? What keeps them up at night? This book – choke-full of raw, heartfelt, personal stories – sheds light on the human condition in a way that illuminates and satiates. If you’re looking for inspiration, motivation, or just consolation that you’re not alone in this world, allow yourself to be buoyed along by the courage of these ten indomitable women. A deeply humbling and eye-opening read.” — Gwen Yi, Founder, Tribeless (Malaysia)

“This book details the courage, resilience, and determination of women who have experienced daunting obstacles in life. Each chapter expresses a narrative showing that we often don’t see how vulnerability and hopelessness can, in fact, inspire hope and compassion for humanity. This is a must read for everyone.” — Victoria Ibiwoye, Director, OneAfricanChild Foundation for Creative Learning (Nigeria)

“Nine women from widely diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds recount their personal journeys to success in their own unique styles. Stories of families, strengths and struggles, love and loss, vision and passion told with candour and a wonderful sense of freedom. Self-described by some as global citizens, whether by design or default, their stories resonate with the common themes: optimism, courage and perseverance bring their own rewards and self-belief is chief in achieving your dreams and goals. Be encouraged, be inspired to make a difference, be empowered by these stories, and as one of the authors, Gracia Mukiibi, says: ‘Do not be afraid to dream bigger and reach higher.'” — Sharyn Mackenzie OAM, Co-Founder, Strategic Community Assistance to Refugee Families Inc (Australia)

“I could resonate with every story in the book. Not because of the exact same experiences, but rather because of sentiments, feelings, emotions, and sights. From advocating for refugees to helping those who attempted suicide, from running away from a problem to exploring the world. In each story in this book, there is a pivotal point — whether it is a question of time, a moment of long thought out, or quick decision making — at which the author had to make choices that change her life forever. The authors have managed time and other resources in their own way and have discovered a truth so important to them that they need to act upon. Their chosen paths may not give them fame or fortune, but they give them peace. And it’s a kind of missing piece of the puzzle, which may have lacked when growing up or because of the given circumstances. Whatever the reasoning, this golden nugget, which they have managed to claim from the claws of death, has allowed them to come back home as heroes to share their tales. This is true female empowerment: sharing our stories empowers other women, men, and children and enables us to teach each other invaluable life lessons. Each story contains so much love, beauty, and compassion. This work is priceless.” — Helen Tung, Founder, NewSpace2060 (UAE)

“As a writer, actor, and teaching artist, I see how the stories we consume and the stories we tell influence us and how we see the world, see each other, and see ourselves on daily basis. What initially drew me to this project was the mission at its core: to use storytelling to build a connection between people across the globe by giving them the chance to explore the world through another’s eyes. How fitting, then, that the very act of working with several of the book’s contributors on their stories allowed me to do just that. As an editor on this project, I was lucky enough to work with women from multiple continents on translating the story they wanted to share to the page. In doing so, these women each gave me the gift of a glimpse at the world through their eyes and their experience – the gift that this book will now give to anyone who reads it. I am grateful to Nadia for bringing me on board and I am especially grateful to the women who let me into a piece of their lives and shared their stories with me on their way to putting them on the page.” — Patricia Noonan, Actor, Singer, Writer, Editor (USA)

“Each story brings its own tale of passion and compassion, boldness and resilience. Together they create pure inspiration.” — Elan Barnehama, Author of “Finding Bluefield,” Writer, Editor (USA)

“It was an honor to be asked to be an editor for “A Mile in Our Shoes.” I am very proud of this book and all the authors that appear in it. There is something magical about these intimate and honest stories from varied perspectives compiled into one powerful book. “A Mile in Our Shoes” is a testament to the often-overlooked struggles and, more importantly, the victories and achievements of women as global citizens crossing those boundaries that separate us, both natural and manmade.” — George Verongos, Author of “An Act of Self Defense,” Writer, Editor, Literary Services (USA)