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Project Description

George Verongos

I’m George Verongos of Literary Services and I provide authors and publishers with the services and support they need for the next steps to publication. Those services include editing, development, proofreading, ghostwriting, content design, cover creation, and formatting for several self-publishing formats. I help not only produce a clean, edited and well-developed manuscript, but also elevate the writing and make a positive contribution to the development of the author’s craft and overall project.


  • My portfolio features current projects from diverse genres as well as author bios and links to contact authors for a reference: My Online Portfolio.
  • For over three years I have been the lead publications editor for International Renewal Institute, the leading Teacher Education company for 21st Century Learning.
  • Editor of academic papers and studies for publication by Common Ground Publishing at the University of Illinois.
  • My fiction novel called An Act of Self Defense was published in January 2018.
  • You may also view my work and read testimonials on the Literary Services Face Book page, as well as keep up with current releases from clients’ and interesting facts from the world of writing.

George Verongos