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Elan Barnehama

Elan’s first novel, Finding Bluefield (2012), is a road trip through the 1960s and explores what happens when society’s invisible becomes visible. His writing has appeared in Boston Accent, Jewish Fiction, Route 9, Drunk Monkeys, Running Wild Press Short Story Anthology, Writer’s Digest, HuffPost, the New York Journal of Books, public radio, and elsewhere. He was a presenter at the 2019 Boston Book Festival, and a writer in residence at Wildacres, NC at Wolff Cottage, Fairhope Center For the Writing Arts, AL.

At different times, Elan has taught writing and literature, led community-based writing workshops, was a fiction editor at FirtMagazine, worked with at-risk youth, was the ghostwriter for college presidents, coached high school varsity baseball, had a gig a radio news guy, and did a mediocre job as a short-order cook. He currently lives in Boston., but is a New Yorker by geography. A tortured Mets fan by default.

More at elanbarnehama.com @elanbarnehama

Elan Barnehama
Website: http://elanbarnehama.com