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Project Description

Elan Barnehama

I am an author and former college teacher and currently work as a freelance writer and editor. I recently copy edited a book about the wives and caretakers of wounded warriors.  Additionally, my novel, Finding Bluefield, is  from the POV of two women.

My own author interviews and essays on a variety of topics currently appear in the Huffington Post, and have aired on public radio and appeared online and in newspapers. Links to my work provided below.

I have created and edited content to promote the day-to-day accomplishments that successful institutions are anchored by, as well those bold and decisive actions that establish an institution’s greatness. I was the writer for the president of Wesleyan University and a writer for Clark University.

Elan’s new novel, No Small Wonder, is in search of an agent. NO SMALL WONDER, set in New York City against a background of the late 1960’s, is narrated by Zach, a first generation US, son of holocaust survivors, as he navigates high school, the war in Vietnam, and finding an escape route for when the US starts rounding up its Jews.

Elan Barnehama
Website: http://elanbarnehama.com