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Project Description

Miranda Vukasovic

Miranda Vukasovic’s impulse to constantly move has always been stirring quietly inside her. In some ways, her life has been defined by the meaning of her name. When read in Spanish and split into two parts—“MIRAR” meaning to look and “ANDAR” meaning to go—MIRA/ANDA begins to form a meaning of “passing through.” She has moved continuously, settling briefly in Zagreb, Milano, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Mexico City, London, New York City, and now Beijing, passing through thousands of destinations in between.

Miranda has been working in the field of architecture, design, and communication for the past decade. She has extensive experience in project design and production, drawing from her collaborations with a wide range of design studios across Europe and America. Her passion for architecture has led her to work within the field in a variety of scopes. Some of her most memorable experiences include working with Renzo Piano Building Workshop as an exhibition designer and curator. Moreover, Miranda was instrumental in realizing two high-profile exhibitions: “Zero Gravity” in October 2006 and “Le citta visibili” in May 2007 as part of La Triennale di Milano. She also worked in London in 2010 for the architectural studio KCA, where she developed social housing and master plan projects. Miranda has also worked as a Media Curator for Spark Architects for more than four years in their studio in Beijing while collaborating on her personal research between art and architecture.

Her academic qualifications include M.Sc. in Design from the Polytechnic University of Milan (2007) and M.Sc. in City Transformation and Urban Planning from the Metropolitan Center for Sustainable Architecture in Mexico City and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (2009). In 2013, Beijing Design Week provided a showcase of her first exhibitions in jewelry design in collaboration with the MICROmacro studio. In 2013, the same work was shown in the “ARTchitecture: The Way We Design” exhibition at Today Art Museum, one of the most important private galleries in China. Her extensive experience and passion for architecture have led her to start her own fine jewelry brand in 2016 called “Made in Italy.”

The Radiance band, formed in 2015 in Beijing by Miranda, who is both its singer and songwriter, creates music through a kaleidoscope of fragile emotions and includes art and visual projects into their performances. The band produced their first LP at the Forbidden City Studio in Beijing during 2016. In the same year, The Radiance was invited to perform in one of the most exciting venues in Beijing, a sixteenth-century Buddhist temple called Temple of Great Wisdom.

Their lyrics narrate experiences of freedom and life, between the boundaries of control-obsessed society. The Radiance explores the possibilities of powerful relationships from sonority, taken from journeys throughout the world. Each project is uniquely crafted and seeks to awaken a different experience with each performance. The Radiance has performed with a range of visual artists and musicians.

Their music holds multiple sounds from throughout the world, touching electronic and RnB, classic rock, post-grunge, blues, and psychedelic rock. The band is at home in many decades, and their music draws inspiration from Janis Joplin, Portishead, Alabama Shakes, and even Led Zeppelin. Their digital album can be found on: https://theradiance.bandcamp.com/releases.

Was it real? Was it real? Was it mine? The single “The Fragile Strength” tells the tale of human emotions and the airy reality that we constantly try to grab hold of something while questioning our own limits and at the same time resonating almost like intuition within us and transcending our humanity into an animalesque consciousness, where strength comes from fragility itself. “Flying Kites” from the single has won The Akademia Best Award Winning Song 2018 in category Best Ambiental/Instrumental Music. The single “BAM” that was released on the Soft Machine album has been played on the radio across USA, Canada, Asia, and Europe. The Radiance has recently signed a contract with Menart, a Croatian music label for digital distribution.

Furthermore, Miranda is currently working on a collection of poetic lyrics and short stories written in collaboration with the Argentinian Beijing-based publisher Mil Gotas.

Miranda Vukasovic


I have captured my moments of ups and downs in my stories. I express my own fragility through tears, which sometimes fall like little berries, sometimes appear through smiles—just like rainbows popping up during a sunshower, each time the tears I shed lead to a small change within me. Through the awareness of my fragility, I have come closer to myself.