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Project Description

Yuliya Hudoshnyk

Yuliya Hudoshnyk is a mindfulness coach, communications for development specialist, and founder at HyggeMaker.

Years of challenging herself, traveling, testing waters, and experiencing what the world has to offer and asks in return became an exciting journey to take her to the magic of now. As a very unconfident and fearful child with low self-esteem, scared to make a phone call or answer a question in the classroom, at the age of ten, she decided to go for journalism to overcome her fears. With this in her mind, seven years later, she applied to the best university journalism program in Ukraine and started opening doors that used to be so dreary. At the age of twenty, she already had served as a journalist at the only English-language magazine in Kyiv.

Going to China for a summer volunteer development project “Dare to Dream” crucially changed her life direction. After coming back home, she realized that it was not about writing and editing anymore, but rather about doing social work. These thoughts brought Yuliya to The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), where she joined efforts for children in difficult life circumstances. Yet, her zest to learn more and explore how local becomes global and vice versa took her on the road again. Aspiration resulted in a double master’s degree in Global Studies from Germany and Denmark. Throughout two years spent in the European Union, she managed to visit around twenty countries—from the USA to Japan—while having two jobs and a few volunteering positions simultaneously.

Yuliya’s experiences have been diverse: teaching mindfulness and meditation in Ukraine, cooking in a food-waste restaurant in Denmark, writing a youth declaration on social media in South Korea, writing about crowdsourcing in Berlin, and many more. Willing to transmit knowledge and skills that she obtained throughout her international projects to her home country, Yuliya runs a project HyggeMaker that reveals the secrets of happiness gathered worldwide.

Having found herself in communication for development (C4D) sector, Yuliya is particularly interested in information and communications technology, nurturing positive change both for individuals and communities globally. As a restless traveler and a source of inspiration for youth, she believes that when one dares to act instead of simply daydreaming, then miracles happen. This is what brought her, a scared child, on a global trip. This is what motivates her, a young Ukrainian woman, to share foreign experiences, cooperate with change-makers, and build a better, more peaceful world through means of communication.

Yuliya Hudoshnyk


Road has taught me that success is a not a fight, but an exciting game. It is about being alive, facing fears, having emotions, falling and having courage to rise up again.