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Project Description

Imane Ait Bensalem

Pain is a great teacher, and as a single child growing up in Morocco, Imane Ait Bensalem lived much of it and perhaps too early. But this pain was her drive to understand life more intensely than those around her. She never understood how they never questioned, so she questioned it all—their religion, their habits—she questioned to the point of being close to intellectual freedom and then built from scratch the person she wanted to be.

Imane published her first intellectual contribution at age eleven, was a member of the Youth Parliament at age thirteen, and achieved Mathematics Olympiads Nominee at the same age, as she had interests in both science and arts.

She wrote theater plays and music pieces within “dead” public schools since she can remember. She continued to bring life to the dead places they put her into, and one day it turned into a movement in her former business school. With her postgraduate Business and Experimental Sciences background, she founded Moroccan Talent Community that had spread to three cities with over 300 participants in two months, in defense of personal and intellectual freedom and in an attempt to bring arts into the Muslim world.

“Introverted, clumsy with emotions, but very sincere” is how Imane describes herself. She is curious about many things in life. She has founded The School of Why and worked closely with refugees, then founded Tribe of Why to create a safe space to share life learnings between people from different backgrounds. Speaker and author of The Bird Who Lived With Humans, Global Shaper, and climate activist who introduced the most underprivileged students in Morocco, Brazil, and Italy to COP22, Imane has a complex set of interests and continues to shed light on how art is an indivisible part of all these disciplines. You can also find her in deep-tech as an advocate for science and progress, and this contradicts in no way the fact that she sings and writes; she just goes through things as a curious child would do: with openness to learn, that is all.

Following her curiosity and what others call “inconsistencies” is what she calls growth, complexity, depth, self-awareness, and the ability to add flavors and colors to one’s life.

Imane Ait Bensalem


Complexity is deeply beautiful: it is beautiful to be with someone that constantly questions and evolves, there is nothing more stimulating than evolving and knowing the ones around you do too, we are not who we were yesterday and if we understood this statement we would all meet each other anew daily.